The Young Ace Roberts Adventures


1963: What would you do if you had the ability to change the course of history to reunite with a loved one? Would you commit treason and risk a lifetime in jail to accomplish that mission? For Dr. Michael Shriver, NASA scientist, that opportunity was about to fall into his lap, until three teens from New Haven, Connecticut crossed his path and TIME itself began to spin out of control. Fifteen-year old Ace Roberts and his friends Debra and Brian take you on a fantastic journey across the fourth dimension in this third outing in the Young Ace Roberts adventures – BACKSPIN.

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Some secrets should stay buried…. 1961. For more than fifteen years, a cabal of escaped Nazi war criminals has been scheming in secret to restore the glory of the fallen Reich. Now they have set their sights on the one man who can lead them to a fantastic secret facility buried in the Arizona desert. But kidnapping JJ Roberts, Yale Professor of Theology is a big mistake; not because he’s a member of the elite Skull & Bones fraternity, and not because he has friends in the highest levels of the American government. Kidnapping JJ Roberts is a bad idea because his son is Ace Roberts…. Fourteen-year-old Ace is willing to risk anything to get his father back. With his girlfriend Debra and his best friend Brian at his side, he sets out on the adventure of a lifetime. The intrepid teenagers will face unimaginable horrors as they journey into the desert, and to the very edge of existence, to uncover the truth behind… Buried Lie.

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From the author of BURIED LIE: A Young Ace Roberts Adventure! Some legends should remain in the shadows… 1962. A Native American ritual designed to keep the spirit of a giant demon imprisoned in the hills of Connecticut opens the door to an unbelievable adventure across time. Fifteen-year old Ace Roberts, with his girlfriend Debra and his best friend Brian, embark on an amazing journey that might just rewrite history, or plunge the world into total annihilation. From the walls of an infamous Civil War prison, to the depths of an underground civilization lost in time, to a cataclysmic showdown on the brink of nuclear Armageddon, Ace and his friends will unravel mystical secrets, battle supernatural forces intent on altering the fate of the world, and find the courage that lies in… THE SHADOW OF THE FLAG!Buy On AmazonBuy on B&N


Ace Roberts Adventures

1965: When the daughter of a Senate Arms Services Committee member goes missing, and the FBI, CIA, and local police become baffled, Ace Roberts and the members of his Cornell University Quill & Dagger secret society race to uncover the clues of her disappearance, and perhaps thwart a Soviet plot along the way. Featuring a desperate chase, winding plot twists, and a deadly assassin, Power Fade is a dramatic thriller set against the backdrop of one of the 20th Century’s most memorable events. It takes Ace on an adventure that will not only set the course of his future, but perhaps the fate of the Cold War as well.

From the author of Buried Lie: A Young Ace Roberts Adventure and Shadow of the Flag: A Young Ace Roberts Adventure.


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The time is near. The prisoner has returned. He will destroy everything.

Dodge Dalton was warned. A malevolent entity, bent on destroying the world which has become its eternal prison, seeks an ancient relic, lost in the sands of the Egyptian desert… a relic with the power to tear down the walls between worlds.

Dodge races across the globe, battling Nazi agents and deadly winged assassins, but to defeat the enemy he will have to make a terrible choice: Sacrifice the love of his life, or watch the world fall into eternal night.

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“Refreshingly original and immensely fun, Buried Lie is a rollicking, clever adventure tale for young adults featuring gun-toting zombies, nefarious Nazis, and a hidden secret of apocalyptic proportions.” – Dirk Cussler New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of ODESSA SEA

“Imaginative with dangers and delights on every page, BACKSPIN is the perfect antidote to the winter blues.” – Graham Brown New York Times Bestselling Co-Author of NIGHTHAWK – A NUMA Files Novel